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    Dammit I missed The News

    Station fires worker in news porn case

    Tue Mar 20, 4:52 PM ET

    MESA, Ariz. - A Phoenix television station fired an employee suspected of inserting pornography into a broadcast of a news show featuring former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw.

    The unnamed worker for ION Media Networks' KPPX-TV "was immediately terminated and faces further legal action" after an investigation determined who was responsible for the March 12 incident, spokeswoman Leslie Monreal said in a statement.

    Palm Beach, Fla.-based ION Media Networks, which offers family-friendly programs, called the incident "an intolerable act of human sabotage" and apologized to viewers. About 30 seconds of porn was inserted into the broadcast.

    Monreal said in a statement released late last week that the images of sex acts only appeared in the Phoenix market.

    The images prompted a flood of calls to local news media outlets and the cable television provider.

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    I bet the was the best news people scene in a long time!! It made some people very happy___________

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    The images prompted a flood of calls to local news media outlets and the cable television provider.
    Transcript of call:

    Taker: "Good evening, KPPX Phoenix..."
    Caller: "Yeah, I am calling about this news broadcast tonight..."
    Taker: "Yes, sir... we are aware of the problem and are taking steps to correct the matter, we apologize for any harm that may have come from the technical difficulties experienced..."
    Caller: "difficulties, hell! That chick was HOT! Far better-looking than Tom Brokaw, I'd say... I can't wait for the late edition!! Can she do the weather too?"

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    Almost as funny as the kid peeing in the teachers' coffee pot. Almost.
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    I'll bet the viewership of that channel's news broadcast goes up.
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