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    Student Maced

    KSDK) - Police and security officials in Jefferson City broke up a student protest among St. Louis students who were staging a protest during a meeting where the state of Missouri decided to strip the St. Louis Public School District of its accreditation.Advertisement

    A 16-year-old Roosevelth High School student was arrested, and police were seen breaking up the crowd, which had been chanting "No Takeover."

    As the student was arrested, officers held up pepper spray or mace dispensers, as they tried to disperse the protestors.

    The meeting was postponed, then resumed after at least some of the students were removed.

    The board then voted 5-1 to remove the district's accreditation.

    Governor Matt Blunt, Mayor Francis Slay and the President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen will name the three members of the oversight team.

    On Thursday, Blunt named Rick Sullivan, the CEO of McBride & Son Construction, as one of the three members.

    Mayor Slay said he has a short list of candidates and an announcement is expected in the near future.

    Current Aldermanic Board President Jim Shrewsbury recently lost the election for his seat to Lewis Reed.

    Shrewsbury said he will not name someone, so that when Reed takes office, he will be able to name his choice for the three-person oversight panel.

    The transitional board is scheduled to take control June 1.

    At least one lawsuit seeking to block the takeover is expected.

    Link to videohttp://www.ksdk.com/news/news_articl...storyid=115221

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    Does anyone really still use mace anymore? Or is it like when the media refers to an officer drawing his "service revolver?"
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    I doubt that anyone uses MACE anymore as it's less effective and more dangerous in terms of toxicity than CS or OC/ PAVA.

    The media on the whole are lazy and like to use terms that make there poorly written stories more dramatic. Using MACE or gas sounds more dramatic than saying the police deployed a solvent based irritant to break up and subdue a crowd.



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