She's still five years away from getting her driver's license, but she's already been pulled over by police. The young Kentucky girl is in trouble with her mom, her aunt is in trouble with the law.
Casey Sorrell Says she drove her aunt, Marilyn Catlett all around the Nance Community in Pulaski County. Her aunt is facing charges, because police say the woman was drunk while her niece was behind the wheel.
Sorrell says she had to sit on pillows to see over the wheel. Police say the received calls of an erratic driver, when an officer pulled the car over the found the 11-year old behind the wheel and the aunt in the passenger seat.
Sorrell's mother says she noticed a shot glass in the car. Police say Catlett was intoxicated.
Catlett declined to talk on camera but she says she's sorry and ashamed this happened. She says things can be blown way out of proportion and she says it's yet to be proven that alcohol was involved.
Sullivan says her daughter is grounded and won't be driving again until she's much, much older.
Catlett has been charged with unlawful transaction with a minor, first degree wanton endangerment and endangering the welfare of a minor.