JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Coast Guard security inspectors and Customs and Border Protection officers reviewed the security procedures aboard a cruise ship after ammunition was found aboard the vessel Thursday morning. According to the Coast Guard, two rounds of .22-caliber ammunition were found the Carnival cruise ship Celebration.

Coast Guard inspectors and CBP officers insured that X-ray machines and metal detectors at security check points aboard Celebration and the Jaxport Cruise Terminal were operating properly.

Also, a team of Coast Guard inspectors and CBP officers conducted an expanded security inspection of the vessel.

The Coast Guard said a passenger turned in the ammunition at a shipboard information desk after she found it in a lobby area aboard the ship while passengers were getting off the vessel.

The Celebration's chief security officer reported the incident to a CBP officer, and CBP notified the Coast Guard, which delayed the boarding of passengers Thursday afternoon for about an hour while Coast Guard inspectors, CBP officers and the Celebration security officer insured the vessel was safe.

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