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    Fraternity House Destroyed

    Fraternity House Destroyed
    A fire has destroyed a fraternity house at South Dakota State University in Brookings early Saturday morning.

    By Stacy Steinhagen
    March 31

    Members of Sigma Phi Delta spent the day sifting through what's left of their home, but they're not alone. The school's entire Greek community is lending a hand.

    Robert Fisher, lives across the street at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. He says, "About 1:30 in the morning they had a couple people over. We had a couple people over here. I heard a bang, thought it was our garbage can getting kicked over."

    He came outside and found Sigma Phi Delta, an engineering and social frat, on fire.

    Firefighters say the blaze started in a couch on the front porch.

    Fisher says, "We got a hold of the guys, just offered 'em a place to stay and food, some basic toiletries, some other Greeks pitched in. We went to Wal-Mart, got them some stuff."

    Betsy McCarty, a member of Chi Omega says, "I think right now we have to get them up into a new house, help the guys out. This morning we made sandwiches for them, brought pop over. We're also gonna make chili and stuff for them for dinner."

    Sigma Phi Delta members, who were too shaken to talk to us on camera, steadily worked filling their garage and cars with things that can be saved.

    One fraternity member says while packing car, "Just want to get away from all this."

    Now that the house Sigma Phi Delta has rented for several years is gone, it's time for these members of the Greek community--steeped in tradition---to find some new ones.

    McCarty says, "With the rain it's not really helping, but it's gonna be a little hard, but they're strong guys, they're gonna be able to move on really quick."

    Neighbors say four of the ten or so Sigma Phi Delta members were home at the time of the fire.

    One person who was in the house at the time was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation.

    There was also a firefighter injured on the scene,I'm not sure yet of what his injuries were or how he is doing.
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    cigarette, anyone?
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