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    Chinese Woman Fakes Pregnancy To Please Husband

    (AHN) - A Chinese woman admits to faking her pregnancy with quintuplets in order to please her husband after miscarrying her own twins. The woman, Qiao Yubo, 23, received star status for her unusual pregnancy in China. But was soon exposed after she ran away from a doctor who wanted to check up on her.

    The doctor who wanted to perform the check up on the supposedly then heavily pregnant woman, Mr. Li, president of Changchun Puji Hospital, says, "The pregnant mom jumped from a window and ran away."

    The woman then confessed to faking the pregnancy in order to please her husband, who had been in a fatal car crash.

    "I miscarried my twins after I fell down on the way to my mom's home, and I dared not tell this to my husband, who had had his leg fractured in a car accident," she said, according to Ananova.

    Her husband admits that the entire time he was duped by his wife in believing that she was pregnant.

    "An old lady on the street volunteered to feel my wife's pulse, and told me that she was pregnant with quints. Since I knew she had twins, I assumed she'd gotten three more," he says.

    "Since I knew she was pregnant with multiples, I dared not touch her, even in sleep."

    Although the entire country still cannot get over the hoax, Qiao's husband says he forgives her anyway. He tells Xinhua News, "She was taking care of me when I was injured, and she didn't want me to get hurt again by learning about the miscarriage."

    link: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7006917156

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    Why would the article mention that her husband was in a fatal car crash if he wasn't the one who died? After I read that I thought he was already dead, but then it quotes him later on. WTF
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