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    Angry Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring

    Rather long story so I'll just include the link and a snippet. I'm more interested in what you think is behind this. Or is it a case of something that has always happened becoming something the media has chosen to run with?

    While I have an opinion on everything (hey, I heard that) I figure you who deal with these suburban hitmen have a more informed view.


    Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring

    ORLANDO, Fla. - It was a balmy night, the sort that brings the homeless out from the shelters, when the police were summoned to America Street. On the driveway of a condo, just a few paces from the gutter, lay a man. A dying man.

    He looked to be 50-ish, and a resident of Orlando's streets, judging by the moldy jacket. And he'd been bludgeoned so badly bludgeoned that he could hardly move.

    Before being rushed to the hospital, where he died of his head injuries, the man, August Felix, described his attackers. Young fellows did it, he whispered to the officers who got to him first. Kids.

    (rest at link)

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    It's disgusting that human beings treat each other in such a manner.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." -Gen. George S. Patton

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    The people who are taking advantage of the homeless are pretty damn low.

    Two kids in my area just got arrested for robbing a homeless man...all for a whooping $2. Pathetic behavior.
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