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    Man gets convicted of road rage murders, gets two life sentences + 26 yrs!


    This judge has some balls! It's awesome! True, the sentences are mandatory, but the judge made no mistake of his personal agreement. Reading the story, I almost had a second thought on whether the sentence was too harsh. Then I watched the video of his whining and taking NO responsibility, EVEN AFTER CONVICTION AND WITH HIS SENTENCE STILL UNANNOUNCED, and this guy deserves EVERYTHING he is getting. While I support the judge in his decisions, I can only wonder why he and others like him will come down hard in cases like this, and let rapists and child molestors out with a slap on the wrist?? Oh well...score one for the good guys here.


    CENTENNIAL – A judge severely reprimanded a man convicted of murder in a case of alleged road rage before handing down two life sentences without the possibility of parole on Monday.

    Jason Benjamin Reynolds was convicted earlier this year of charges including first-degree murder with extreme indifference.

    He was accused of tailgating and flashing his lights at 50-year-old Kelvin Norman of Highlands Ranch on E-470 before cutting him off and slamming on his brakes. Prosecutors said Norman swerved and rolled into oncoming traffic, landing on top of a vehicle driven by 35-year-old Greg Boss of Lone Tree.

    Both Norman and Boss died.

    A conviction of first-degree murder means a mandatory life sentence in Colorado.

    Norman and Boss' friends and family packed the court room on Monday for the sentencing. Friends and family of Reynolds were also there to ask the court for a reduced sentence.

    When Reynolds addressed the court he called his case a "media witch hunt" and blamed reporters, some by name, and the jury for the guilty verdict.

    After Reynolds spoke, Judge Carlos Samour, Jr. with the Arapahoe County District Court, sharply reprimanded him for his behavior.

    Samour said Reynolds blamed everybody but himself for the murders.

    "The way you cut in front of them and then slammed on your brakes. You weren't just happy to get in front of people, to cut in front of people. You weren't just happy to tail people 'cause you were upset that they wouldn't go as fast as you were going. That wasn't enough for you," said Samour. "No sir, you waited. After you did that, then you cut in front of them and slammed on your brakes. No different than playing Russian Roulette."

    Samour said Reynolds showed a callousness and "universal malice" toward others.

    He said that prison is supposed to be for rehabilitation but he doubts that Reynolds can ever be rehabilitated.

    In addition to the two life sentences, Samour sentenced Reynolds to 26 years on additional charges.
    "If anything worthwhile comes of this tragedy, it should be the realization by every citizen that often the only thing that stands between them and losing everything they hold dear... is the man wearing a badge." -- Ronald Reagan, in the wake of the deaths of 4 CHP troopers in the Newhall Incident, 1970

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    I have no love for road ragers. None. Still, two life sentences for a brake check seemed odd. So I watched all four videos.

    Since none really addressed the accident I went looking. Thought I'd share what I found. Various sources.

    Have a nice long life in prison, Mr Reynolds. Two if you like.

    One of the things the DA took into consideration was Reynold's track record for dangerous driving. The DA said he has a history of using cars as weapons.

    He has 13 traffic offenses in the last 10 years, officers said.

    And on Sept. 23, the Colorado State Patrol sent him a road rage warning letter after several people reported him. Reynolds was also due in court on Dec. 14 to be sentenced for reckless driving and posession of a dangerous weapon. In that case Parker police officers said he rammed the the rear of a Honda with his truck three times -- but no one in that incident died.

    On Nov. 8, investigators said Reynolds was chasing a Toyota 4-Runner when he swerved in front of the vehicle to cut him off and then slammed on his brakes.
    The Toyota 4-Runner bumped Reynolds' bumper, lost control, crossed the center median and flipped into oncoming traffic, landing on top of a Ford Explorer.

    The driver of the 4-Runner, Kelvin Norman, 50, of Highlands Ranch and the driver of the Ford Explorer, Greg Boss, 35, of Lone Tree, were both killed instantly.
    Reynolds was not hurt in the crash. Reynolds allegedly told officers at the scene that he was upshifting his Jeep when his boot jammed the brake pedal.

    But other drivers told the CSP that it appeared that Norman was trying to get away from Reynolds when Reynolds swerved and cut in front of him.
    In court Monday, Reynolds called his case a "media witch hunt." He testified that he did not cause the crash.
    Reynolds, the driver of a 1997 Jeep Wrangler, tailgated Norman, who was driving his 1997 Toyota 4-Runner in the left southbound lane of E-470 near Gartrell Road. According to witnesses, Reynolds flashed his headlights at Norman until he pulled into the right lane. Reynolds then allegedly drove "into the path of the Toyota and applied his brakes in a 'swoop and squat' maneuver," said Kelly Pickering, an accident technician for the Colorado State Patrol, in an arrest affidavit.

    The 4-Runner swerved left to avoid the Jeep, then overcorrected, inadvertently sideswiping Reynolds and losing control, Pickering said. Reynolds told investigators that his boot became stuck on the brake pedal, causing him to decelerate. Reynolds said the 4-Runner swerved, but regained control, and Norman became upset and purposely sideswiped his Jeep, the affidavit says.
    Before the double fatality in November, Reynolds was allegedly a party to six incidents in 2005. Four of those involved reckless driving and one involved threatening another driver. In another, Reynolds allegedly fired pepper spray at a neighbor.

    Reynolds was in a car accident on Jan. 4 on Parker Road in which he was rear-ended after stopping suddenly and for no reason, witnesses told investigators.

    He was reported on July 5 and Sept. 9 in similar reckless driving incidents in which he allegedly pulled ahead of a vehicle he'd been tailgating and then slammed on his brakes.

    On July 6, he was arrested for intentionally ramming another car in Douglas County.

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    About time Judges start doing something right with these idiots on the road . Now if they would just do something with dui's etc etc .

    Amazes me how the system lets people like this accumalate so many priors .
    Cops are sworn to protect your a@@ not kiss it .



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