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    Organization Makes it a Goal for Dallas to be America's safest city in ten years

    Bumper Stickers Aim To Help Police Fight Crime

    POSTED: 9:52 pm CDT April 20, 2007
    UPDATED: 11:01 pm CDT April 20, 2007

    DALLAS -- Beginning on Saturday, helping Dallas police fight crime may be as simple as stopping by the nearest convenience store and picking up a free bumper sticker.

    A group called "SaferDallas.com" is hoping to raise $4 million, adding that it hopes the 100,000 free bumper stickers being distributed this weekend will drive people to the Web site -- and then get them to contribute money to help make Dallas safer.

    "It shows you what equipment we're trying to get for the police department that we haven't already gotten," said Charlie Terrell of SaferDallas.com. "You can help with $25, $50, whatever you want to do."

    The bumper stickers were already showing up on Dallas police cars, NBC 5 News reported on Friday. "Every little bit helps, and we need it," said Sgt. Mike Magiera of the Dallas Police Department. "Now, with the start of summer, things getting busy again, it's time for that extra citizen involvement."

    In less than two years, Safer Dallas has already raised more than $16 million for the Dallas Police Department, providing the money to buy everything from dashboard cameras to assault rifles.

    "The major thing was the cameras that are now in the police cars," Terrell said. "Now, they've got the most modern system in America. Cages for the police cars, lots of technical equipment."


    Safer Dallas Better Dallas Mission
    A Simple Mission ... a Complex Task

    The mission of Safer Dallas Better Dallas is to be a communicator and direct conduit to assist the Dallas Police Department (DPD) by:
    • Acquiring new equipment for the DPD
    • Improving recruiting results of the DPD
    • Motivating the Dallas City Council to provide more resources toward crime prevention by offering matching resources
    • Lowering the rate of recidivism of parolees
    Inspiring Public Safety Personnel and Dallas citizens to embrace the basic concept that a safer life for any individual is a better life for that individual, and hence a Safer Dallas will be a Better Dallas.
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