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    Will These Morons Ever Learn?

    ATM thieves victimize patrons of Chicago bars
    Chicago police officer linked to robberies

    WLS By Ben Bradley

    May 4, 2007 - Thieves have been targeting intoxicated bar patrons in downtown Chicago, stealing their debit cards, then using an ATM to clean out the victims' accounts. A Chicago police officer is being linked to these robberies.

    The officer is not charged, and therefore, remains unidentified. Police did bring their case against him to the state's attorney, but prosecutors rejected charges until more evidence can be found.

    In the heart of the bar scene at State and Division, a night of drinking, mixing and mingling proved costly for at least one, and likely more bar patrons.

    One victim told ABC7 Chicago:

    "You make friends with people at a bar but never expect this to happen. I guess the lesson is you have to be more careful."

    Here' s how the scheme works: after several drinks, the thief befriends the bar patrons, after several drinks. Later, the two head to an ATM, where the suspects would allegedly memorize the victim's ATM code and then steal that card a little later.

    "They are looking over the shoulder to get the pin number. Some time during the course of the night, they are able to pick pocket the card," said Chicago Police Commander Tom Byrne. "We have approximately 20 cases reported over the past six weeks."

    Prosecutors have charged three men and are eyeing an officer for operating this seem this scheme over many months. Police got wise when a clerk at a Jewel spotted a suspect swiping a debit card that wasn't his. When the suspect walked out, he had more than $8,000 with him. Police watched as he got into the idling car of an off-duty Chicago police officer. That officer has been relieved of his police powers, but prosecutors have yet to bring charges.

    Police say there is nothing to suggest that the officer used his police powers directly in the scam. They do hope, they say, to gather more evidence and bring charges.

    ABC7 Chicago is told police may know the identity of the ring leader, the man who actually went into the bars and befriended them. But, they have not arrested him. Police also say the scheme is a reminder that ATM and debit cards are as valuable as cash and should be treated as such.

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    Seems that the Chi-town PD has been issuing duty footwear with targets attached to the instep lately, eh?

    C'mon guys, we are getting enough black eyes that we don't deserve.

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