Animal fighting could bring felony charges
Cockfighting still legal in Louisiana
By: Staff
May 4, 2007

President Bush has signed a bill adding felony-level penalties for promoting animal fighting.

Dog fighting is banned throughout the United States and is a felony in 48 states. Cockfighting is a felony in 33 states and legal only in Louisiana. Violators of the new federal law would face up to three years in prison for knowingly buying, selling or transporting animals across state or international borders for the purpose of fighting.

The law also would make it a felony to knowingly sponsor or exhibit an animal fight, or to buy, sell or transport knives, gaffs and other weapons used in cockfighting.

The new law's chief Senate sponsor, Maria Cantwell of Washington state, says with it, the government will be able to clamp down on what she says are "cruel, inhumane practices."