Probably best for his kid that a drug dealing shit bag is locked away, doubt he is much of a role model for anyone.

11:00 - 14 May 2007

A Father dumped a loaded handgun as he was chased by police through Nottingham city centre.

Jamie Carter, of Gabrielle Close, Basford, ran from officers who were investigating a report of disorderly behaviour on a tram in Old Market Square.

Carter, 32, was chased along Goldsmith Street and past the Royal Concert Hall after getting off the tram in Theatre Square at 10.45pm, on January 29.

At Nottingham Crown Court, Gareth Gimson, prosecuting, said: "Concert Hall staff heard a clattering or a crash and when they went out they found a handgun on the floor close to where Mr Carter had passed.

"Mr Carter's DNA was then found on the handgun after his arrest."

The gun, a 9mm Ruger, contained seven live rounds.

The court heard Carter had been imprisoned for three years before for supplying class A drugs.

Jonathan Straw, defending, said: "He has a long-term partner who is in court, a devoted mother who is also in court and has a child aged nine.

"For the first time the child will realise his father has gone away and this is what causes him most worry.

"He does not wish to disclose why he had the weapon, he just wants to get his punishment."

Carter pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm and prohibited ammunition.

Judge Jonathan Teare, sentencing, said: "I do not know and do not wish to speculate on why you had a semi-automatic weapon.

"With one draw of the carriage you have a lethal weapon. The minimum sentence for this type of offence is five years and I regard this as significantly serious to not reduce the sentence by ten per cent for your guilty plea."

Judge Teare sentenced Carter to five years in prison and ordered the forfeiture of the weapon.

Detective Constable Mark Beldham, who dealt with the case, said: "Carrying a loaded gun shows that person is intent on using it if the circumstances arise.

"Luckily in this case Carter did not get the opportunity, it was seized by police before he had chance to use it to harm or kill someone.

"Possessing a gun will not be tolerated in Nottingham and those people who choose to arm themselves with a weapon can expect to be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison for a long jail term as the sentence reflects."