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    Denver - Federal Agent's IDs, High-Powered Weapons Stolen

    U.S. Air Marshals Investigating Theft

    Link to video and complete story: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news...76/detail.html

    DENVER -- A federal agent's credentials, and high-powered semi-automatic handgun have been stolen from his car yet neither the U.S Air Marshals nor Westminster police were going to tell the public about this serious security issue until 7NEWS investigated.

    This has been kept under wraps for about a month....


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    That's what Big Sexy gets for leaving his car unlocked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terminator
    That's what Big Sexy gets for leaving his car unlocked...
    Here's what chaps my ass about the whole thing... <ON /RANT>

    During the normal work week, I'm a mild mannered non-LEO federal employee - 3+ years till retirement. I work in a Federal courthouse building. ANY other LEO can secure their sidearm at the front and rear entrances - any civilian can secure their firearm at the front entrance.

    But me? Oh, hell no. Since I'm a Fed employee, I have been specifically denied permission to secure my off-duty sidearm in the gun lockers. So, I get to keep mine in the car - where anyone can break in and have at it. In a high-crime neighborhood, no less. I'm just waiting to see what Denver PD would say about a .45 Kimber Ultra-Carry II with .45 +P LEO Federal hollow-point ammuntion floating around in the hands of some gangbanger...

    Fortunately, the parking space I usually use is very visible.

    I'm just waiting to stop my first Federal LEO...

    <OFF /RANT>

    Thanks for listening...



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