Haven't heard this setup before.

A bank robber goes first class: Flowers and a limo

What began with a bouquet and floral gift box delivered to a Wells Fargo bank in Maple Grove at noon Saturday, just as a limousine arrived, turned into a bank robbery that the FBI says is unlike any ever in the Twin Cities.

According to the FBI, a bank manager received a call around 10 a.m. from a man who said he was so appreciative of the bank's service that he wanted to send a gift.

The man, using an alias, went to a Maple Grove florist at 10:25 a.m. and asked that a wrapped package be delivered with the flowers. The man then ordered a limousine, supposedly for his brother's prom. But he asked the driver to stop first at the bank at noon.

When the package arrived, the bank manager received a call from the robber, who the FBI thinks was watching from a hill nearby. Told to open the box, the manager was shocked to see a heavily wired circuit board with two smaller packages. The caller told her to put money in a bag and put the bag in the trunk of the limo waiting outside.

The limo driver then received a call and was told to pull into a parking lot a quarter-mile away. The robber showed up and took the bag, leaving the driver a $100 bill as a tip.

"We have not seen a bank robbery like this in the metro area," said FBI special agent Paul McCabe. "Very unusual." He said there were no explosives in the package.

The robber, according to witnesses, is white, in his 20s, and is a stocky 5 feet 8, weighing about 185 pounds, with short hair and stubble. Anyone with information should call the FBI at 612-376-3200.