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    Uh Joe, whats that on the hood?


    Pedestrian hit by car during police chase

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007
    By Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    A pedestrian was critically injured Friday night when he was hit by a car being pursued by a Pittsburgh police cruiser in Larimer.

    Police said Donald Ross, 56, was struck by the speeding car at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Apple Street and landed on the windshield of the pursuing police car.

    Mr. Ross suffered a torn aorta, a broken neck and other serious injuries and was being treated at UPMC Presbyterian.

    Police said an unmarked narcotics car observed the suspect's Oldsmobile roll through a stop sign at about 11:30 a.m. and began following it. When the officers lost sight of the Olds, they put out a call for other units to search for it.

    A Zone 5 car inbound on Lincoln Avenue spotted the vehicle, activated its lights and siren and began a chase. Mr. Ross, who police said was intoxicated and leaving his residence after a domestic dispute, was crossing the street when the Olds hit him at high speed, sending him flying over the car and onto the police car.

    Police stopped and called for paramedics. Other units later found the Olds on Meadow Street and arrested the suspect in a nearby house.
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    Wow. I hope the man that was hit is ok, as well as the officer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-man View Post

    Mr. Ross, who police said was intoxicated and leaving his residence after a domestic dispute, was crossing the street when the Olds hit him at high speed, sending him flying over the car and onto the police car.
    Being drunk may have saved this guys life - he probably wouldn't have tensed up as much on impact.
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    Twofer. Can you imagine being the chase car? Good grief. What a reason to have to change your shorts.
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