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    Firemen feel the heat for sleeping on the floor

    Health and safety busybody bureaucracy run wild. Its not April 1, is it??

    Firemen feel the heat for sleeping on the floor

    On a 15-hour night shift, firemen are allotted time to rest between emergencies and running through their training drills.

    They are allowed to put their head down for up to three hours - but they are not supposed to nod off.

    Indeed, the men and women of the Greater Manchester fire service have been told they can only rest in prescribed reclining chairs - and only after they have been trained to use them.

    Now, however, three experienced firemen are facing disciplinary action over "involvement in the use of unauthorised rest facilities".

    Fire chiefs are looking into claims that they defied their orders to rest only on the 400 reclining chairs, which were installed as a replacements for beds in Greater Manchester's 41 fire stations last year.

    They are accused of breaking regulations by deciding it was more comfortable to use their own sleeping bags and bed down on the floor.

    Officials say this could cause accidents when they and their colleagues scramble to respond to 999 calls.

    Unions have described the policy as ridiculous, saying their members are being treated like children.

    The Daily Mail told last year how the Greater Manchester service spent 130,000 on the airline-style chairs then banned staff from sitting on them until they had been trained to use them safely.

    The service said getting rid of beds was part of a modernisation process to ensure crews spent time when they were not responding to emergencies training or doing fire safety work. [What, firefighters don't play poker?]

    The chairs were installed as a compromise. But firemen are only allowed to rest on them, not fall asleep, and they can only use specially-issued blankets, not their own bedding.

    The three experienced firemen based in Bury - one of them a watch commander - have been told they face a disciplinary hearing later this month after 6.30am spot-checks apparently found sleeping bags in their lockers.

    Kevin Brown, of the Fire Brigades' Union, said: "Firefighters make life-ordeath decisions every day, but they appear to be being treated as fools.

    "A number of members have complained about these chairs and that the facilities being provided are causing more problems than they are solving."

    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service says officers will not be disciplined if they nod off on the recliners.

    "Risk-assessed facilities have been provided for rest only, not sleep," said director of human resources Anita Wainwright.

    "However, if a firefighter were to doze off on the rest facilities provided, a common sense approach is adopted."

    Some firemen claim the chairs are simply not comfortable enough for proper rest.

    "This is bureaucracy gone barmy," said one. "We cannot use pillows on the chairs and we cannot use our own blankets. Airline blankets have been issued instead.

    "We do not mind being assessed on performance, but being spied on like this leaves a nasty taste."

    Crews in Greater Manchester generally work two 6pm-9am night shifts a week and two eight-hour day shifts.

    The accused trio, watch commander Steve Wilcock and colleagues Dave Adamson and Keith Hadley, are to due to face a disciplinary hearing on June 14

    Many fire stations have already been transformed by health and safety rules with the disappearance of the traditional fireman's pole, deemed too dangerous to use. [Burning buildings, safe. Poles, unsafe. Makes sense.]

    Firemen are now expected to use the stairs, with bosses claiming the extra seconds this takes are outweighed by the reduction in injuries caused by sliding down poles.

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    Many fire stations have already been transformed by health and safety rules with the disappearance of the traditional fireman's pole, deemed too dangerous to use. [Burning buildings, safe. Poles, unsafe. Makes sense.]

    Exactly. Since when is firefighting safe? Smart enough to rush into a burning building but to stupid to slide down a pole? Wow. I'd be pissed off too.
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    Sounds likie id be looking for another house to sleep in.

    Sounds like the Chief needs a Reailty check,

    Who cares if they sleep.
    at least i know when i need them, they are rested up, and not exhausted.
    we have a small village around here, and the council is bitching all the time about the fireman sleeping while getting paid.
    they work 12 hour shifts instead of the norm 24 hours.

    just let them be, your running out, and they are running in to save your family or your belongings.
    they need rest to do there job effectively.

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    Yet more proof that the UK is dissolving into an island of Misfit toys altogether.

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    This country is being faxed to hell at the moment.

    PC is out of control over here.
    Health and Safety issues are just unreal.

    Once a great nation is soon becoming a laughing stock. The UN's dumping ground. The sooner i get off this island the better.
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    Why the hell would they have 15 hour shifts? Most firefighters around here have 24 hour shifts, and they can sleep at night between calls. Makes a lot more sense than that.
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    I work PT for an ambulance company, and we do 24 hour shifts. Your damn right I'm gonna sleep when I can. Heck, they even provide us beds so that we can sleep comfortably!

    I wonder if these new "safety" things have anything to do with the FF that took a ride in a dyer last year?

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    That's ridiculous.

    Sending guys into burning buildings without sleep is way more dangerous than sliding down a pole.

    And, I've heard of a few places in the US that are taking out poles because sliding down them at night, in the dark while half asleep is dangerous. And apparently some US ff's have fallen through the pole hole (no pun intended perverts) because they were tired and missed the pole.

    I have also heard of US fire departments removing poles, and installed a slide down to the truck bay.
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