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    Three Deputies and K9 Shot During Family Dispute

    Dispute leaves two dead, deputies shot

    June 6, 2007

    SHINGLE SPRINGS – Three El Dorado County sheriff's deputies and a police dog were shot yesterday, and a father and son are dead, after a domestic dispute, authorities said.

    A sheriff's spokesman said the deputies' wounds weren't life-threatening. The dog was shot twice, taken to a veterinarian and later released, he said.

    Investigators believe the son shot his father and then shot the three deputies and the dog. It wasn't clear whether the son took his own life or was killed by deputies, the spokesman said.
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    geesh I hate domestic calls...
    I am so glad the human officer is ok... I am saddened to hear the dog was shot twice.. glad he is ok but usually their careers are over after that right? I would be interested to know from a k9 officer how the dogs react to work after such an incident...

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    Glad the deps. are alright. That is a good question goz. I wonder if the dog would react differently to the same situation ater coming back, like humans react to stress situations.
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