4 adults, 2 babies dead in shooting
DELAVAN, WIS. | Police say danger from 'complicated death scene' is over

June 11, 2007
BY ART GOLAB Staff Reporter

DELAVAN, Wis. -- Four adults and two children were killed and a toddler was critically wounded in a shooting that stunned a Wisconsin resort town.

Police released no details about the shooting, which occurred Saturday night, but said they don't believe anyone else was in danger, suggesting that it was either a murder-suicide or the shooter was in custody.

"What we have is a complicated death scene and we're investigating all the possibilities,'' said Kevin St. John, a spokesman with the Wisconsin Justice Department, which is leading the investigation of the killings in Delavan, near Lake Geneva, about 90 miles north of Chicago.

According to neighbors and relatives, the victims were two sisters, a female friend, an ex-boyfriend of one of the sisters, and twin boys about 2 months old, whom the ex-boyfriend had fathered with one of the sisters.

A 2-year-old sister of the twins was shot in the chest and found in a van outside. She was upgraded from critical to serious condition at a Madison, Wis., hospital.

'He loved his kids'
Identities of the victims were not officially released, but, according to Duane Iverson, one of the women was his sister, Vanessa Iverson, 19. She just happened to be visiting the two-story frame home at the time.

"She was outgoing, energetic, cared about everybody," her brother said. "She was a lover, not a fighter. She was always trying to solve everybody else's problems."

The male victim was identified by his cousin as 23-year-old Ambrosia Analco, who had just dropped off the children.

"He was a nice guy who tried to see his kids every weekend," said Analco's cousin, Marco Pastrana.

Analco, who was a factory worker, left Pastrana's Delavan home around 9 p.m. Saturday to take the children to their mother. The shooting occurred around 10 p.m.

"He spent three hours at my house," said Pastrana. "I helped him carry the kids to the van and then he left. They were fine. They were laughing and everything." Then, Pastrana said, "They called me [Sunday] morning and said he was dead."

Asked if his cousin could have done the shooting, Pastrana replied: "I don't think my cousin would do that because he loved his kids and he wouldn't do anything to hurt them."

Duane Iverson, who knows Analco, agrees, and said he believes someone else did it.

'A good person'
"I don't think it's a murder-suicide," said Iverson. "As far as my mom knows and everybody knows, only the guy who survived was in the house with no scratches. He was the husband of one of the girls who was very jealous and abusive."

The husband's wife was a checkout clerk at the local Pick 'n Save supermarket. "She was a good person, a good employee, a good friend; she definitely will be missed," said her manager, who did not want his name used. "We're all very friendly here, and she fit right in."

Pete Brancheau, who lives across the street from the shooting scene, said that a woman, a man and the children moved into the rental home about two months ago.

"There's been some domestic abuse," said Brancheau. "There was an awful lot of shouting and a lot of doors slamming. Other than that, the lady and her kids seemed like ordinary, nice people. The kids would be out the yard playing with their dogs, having a good old time."

Brancheau said he heard a series of shots around 10:30 p.m. and a second set of shots about 20 minutes later. He thought it was kids playing with firecrackers.

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