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    Typical Englewood Ghetto Crap

    Man shot trying to help baby

    June 11, 2007
    BY MAUREEN O'DONNELL Staff Reporter

    Patrick Tye told a man not to leave a baby unattended in a car -- and got shot in the stomach for his trouble.

    "It hurts, but what the heck," Tye said Sunday from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. Asked if he thought he did the right thing, he didn't hesitate. "I know I did."

    Detectives are hoping security cameras offer clues about the shooter, said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer JoAnn Taylor.

    Tye, 35, was waiting for a ride at 71st and Vincennes about 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

    He saw a baby alone in a nearby car. The baby was lying on the front seat, with a seat belt on, Tye said. It was crying, the windows were rolled up, and "it was hot."

    A white, four-door Dodge
    "The baby was in the car at least 20 or 30 minutes all by itself," Tye said. "I looked around. I stood there for another 10 minutes, and my ride came for me to go, and just as my ride came," a man approached the car.

    "I says, 'Hey, man, don't leave the baby in the car no more like that,' '' Tye said.

    "He rolled his window down and said 'What did you say?' and before I even knew what to do, he shot me."

    "It was a little baby."

    The suspect sped west on 71st, striking a wrought-iron fence in the process, police said. He was driving a white, four-door Dodge, possibly an Intrepid, said Taylor.

    Tye was in fair condition.

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    I would've called PD after a minute or 2, and remained on scene. Depending on how hot it was, and other variables I may have called for an ambulance, and broken the window myself.

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    I like breaking windows in that type of incident.

    And having CPS come and pick up their kid while they lie and tell me they have been in the store only 2 minutes.

    The local fire dept and us race to see who can get there to break wthe window first.



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