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    11:00 - 12 June 2007

    A youth was sent into custody for four-and-a-half years for selling heroin and crack cocaine to pay off a debt.

    Sebastian Darling, 18, of Chine Gardens, West Bridgford, admitted 16 charges of supplying heroin and crack cocaine between July 12 and August 12 last year.

    Nottingham Crown Court heard he was arrested during Operation Glacier, a drug crackdown, after being monitored dealing to two different men. Deals worth £10 and £15 were handed over.

    Richard Thatcher, prosecuting, said the defendant told police he owed £300 and was dealing to give back the cash.

    "He was dealing drugs that well exceeded that amount," Mr Thatcher said.

    Darling, who sold crack cocaine and heroin in the toilets of a city centre takeaway on August 8, was arrested in possession of the drugs, cash and three mobile phones.

    Shaun Smith, for Darling, said he was of previous good character. He was supported by his family and members of his church in court.

    Judge Dudley Bennett said there was no doubt Darling had been dealing commercially for profit. "If you do that over that period then it is a long sentence."

    Nottingham Evening post

    It was officers from my old team who arrested him in a McDonalds in the city centre.

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    Of previos good character, thats funny. I'm sure Pablo Escobar was of previos good character too before he became one of the biggest kingpins in the game.
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    The media has a love affair with drug dealers. Aspiring rappers, and aspiring ball players get shot by police, even though they're found with guns and drugs.



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