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    Former Teacher Gets 3 DAYS In Jail For Sex With Student

    Former substitute teacher who had student's baby gets five years' probation

    by The Associated Press

    CLEVELAND - A former substitute teacher who became pregnant during an affair with a 17-year-old high school football captain was sentenced to three days in jail and five years of probation.
    Christine Scarlett, 40, pleaded guilty May 11 to five felony charges - three counts of sexual battery and two counts of disseminating obscene materials to a juvenile. The charges carried a potential 17 years in prison.

    Judge Dick Ambrose said he ordered probation on Tuesday because Scarlett had no previous criminal record and has obligations as a mother. She has a 3-year-old son from the relationship and two other children with her husband.

    "This court has no desire to punish the child who is the innocent victim of this relationship," Ambrose said.

    Scarlett was placed in handcuffs after Ambrose ordered her to begin her jail sentence immediately. He said the sentence was to remind her that violating probation could send her to jail for three years.

    Steven Bradigan, now 22, was a student at suburban Strongsville High School when the relationship with Scarlett began in 2002. Scarlett, a substitute English teacher, stayed with her husband despite the affair.

    The Associated Press generally does not identify victims of sex crimes, but the student's mother, Mary Bradigan, told the AP he and his family decided to make his case public.

    The student and his mother explained in court that he was unable to think through what was happening with the teacher because he had suffered brain damage at birth. His mother told the judge that she met with Scarlett at a school conference, explained her son's mental limitations and had hoped the teacher would be helpful.

    The student read a prepared statement in which he referred to the past four years as a nightmare for his family.

    "You should have been helping me, because you were my teacher," he said, addressing Scarlett. "You knew I had brain problems, and you were so much older than I was."

    Before she was sentenced, Scarlett apologized to the student and his parents.

    "There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel sorry," she said, her voice cracking with emotion.

    "I should have behaved differently. I will always have to live with the fact that I did the wrong thing," Scarlett said. She also described her son as amazing.

    The judge told Scarlett she violated the trust society places in teachers.

    "You used that position to pursue your own desires, your self interest and power over a student. I believe that in cases like this it is more about power than it is about sex," Ambrose said.

    Ambrose is also requiring Scarlett to register as a sexually oriented offender and disclose her place of residence to law enforcement.

    As part of her sentence, Scarlett must serve 180 days of home electronic detention, complete 300 hours of community service and make financial restitution for the student's counseling, an amount not yet determined.
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    "You should have been helping me, because you were my teacher," he said, addressing Scarlett. "You knew I had brain problems, and you were so much older than I was."
    I have a real problem with this shit - He was nearly at the age of consent, and I'm sure he was all for banging the teacher at the time - Being a football captain, he probably also banged half the girls in the school, or at least tried to.

    If he was a football captain, I seriously doubt that he was a complete retard - So he should take some responsibility for his actions, and the bably. He wasn't quite an adult, but he wasn't a child, either!

    I think all this teacher deserves is to be fired & loose her license to teach. I'm not so sure this should have been a criminal prosecution.

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    He should be responsible for the child. The news will move on though, and he'll probably slink away like most 17 year olds who manage to knock someone up. Once the spotlight is off we're back to where we started, and that usually ends the same way. One kid, one mother, no father.

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    There's was a 17 year old here in Georgia who is serving 10 years (I think he's 21 now) for oral sex with a 15 year old... no wonder they are turning towards older women!

    But yeah- if you're old enough to play, you're old enough pay. If you aren't ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent- don't have sex.
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