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    Familes want punishment for clerk who sold rum to minor before crash

    Another family who refuses to accept the fact that the mistakes made by their dumbass sons were theirs, and THEIRS ALONE. I don't like to see anyone die, but if anyone has to, I'm just glad it was the two who made the decision to drink and drive, and not a car full of innocents.

    They want to blame the clerk? For just being too incompetent for not spotting a fake ID? Hell, at least he checked! I can't believe they actually have the gall to bring someone completely unrelated into this situation. I can't help but think there's more to it, but still. Saying that while you sons made a bad choice, the blame REALLY likes on the clerk is just ludicrous. God, I hate people. I hate them so much.
    LITTLETON - The families of two young men killed in a drunk driving accident want the stiffest penalty for a store clerk who prosecutors say sold alcohol to one of their sons who used a fake ID.

    The parents of Paul Ondrish and Brandon Nichols, who were both 20 years old, admit their sons made poor choices, but say the store clerk should have been more responsible.

    "If the boys knew, they'd be horrified at what we're going through,"(Give me a break.) said Amy Nichols, Brandon's mother. "I don't think there are words to explain what we've been through."

    The clerk, 25-year-old Loc Truong, pleaded guilty on Thursday to selling Ondrish the liquor on July 12, 2006.

    "There were a series of mistakes made that night, but it started when the store clerk sold alcohol to a minor," said Frank Ondrish, Paul's father. (No, dickhead! It started when your son made the conscious decision to use his brother's fake in order to score booze, as I'm sure he did dozens of times before that. Then he compounded that choice by DECIDING to drive drunk, again like I'm sure he's done dozens of time before! Asshole!)

    Early the next morning, Ondrish crashed, killing both him and Nichols. Neither was wearing a seatbelt.

    The other three passengers, all of whom were 20 years old, were also injured. (Your dumbass sons also endangered some other kids too...want to blame the clerk for that too?)

    Truong was working at Marina Pointe Liquors at Chatfield and Wadsworth in Littleton.

    Ondrish bought rum from him using his brother's expired Michigan driver's license as ID, according to the DA's office. (What a pillar of he community. Of COURSE this kid isn't responsible for his drunken driving crash!)

    "Stores with a liquor license have a great responsibility to follow the law," said Patti Ondrish, Paul's mother. (On the face of it, it sounds like theclerk did. He was just incompetent.)

    Marina Pointe Liquors is owned by Truong's brother-in-law, Kevin Minh Lee. Their liquor license has been revoked, but the store remains open pending their appeal.

    The Ondrish and Nichols family plan to reunite on the first anniversary of their sons' death, July 13, with a charity golf tournament at homestead country club in Lakewood. They say most of the proceeds will go toward "Alive at 25."

    (Copyright KUSA*TV. All rights reserved.)


    Sorry if I'm overly pissed, but I can't stand seeing some poor schmuck of a clerk being painted all over the news as some sort of criminal mastermind by the families of two stupid fucks who were assinine enough to get behind the wheel shitfaced, off of booze that they bought with a fake (yet real) ID.

    What this boils down to is parents who's kids went out like some really dumb motherfuckers, endangering others in the process, kicked off after a string of poor decisions (starting with them making the decision to BUY THE BOOZE). They just want to shift the limelight from the dishonor the two decedents brought on their family names.
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    "If the boys knew, they'd be horrified at what we're going through," said Amy Nichols, Brandon's mother. "I don't think there are words to explain what we've been through."

    Do I really need to comment on that?

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    Ok, so he used his brother's old ID so there would be a strong resemblance in the photo and it was a real driver's license. The kids thought this out very thoroughly, intentionally flouted the law, and died. Sounds to me like the kids parents need to own up to the fact that their sons knew what they were doing and they paid for it.
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    Just another item in this society that refuses to take responsibility for their own actions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 121Traffic View Post
    The Ondrish and Nichols family plan to reunite on the first anniversary of their sons' death, July 13, with a charity golf tournament at homestead country club in Lakewood. They say most of the proceeds will go toward "Alive at 25."
    Do you think they'll serve alcohol?

    And neither of them was wearing a seatbelt. That probably had nothing to do with their deaths either.

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    So how exactly was the clerk supposed to tell the ID wasn't kosher? The story says it was a real (not fake) expired OL that belonged to the kids brother. Seems like a bit of a stretch to expect the clerk to successfully see through that planned deception.

    We don't have package liquor stores here. Is the fact that the ID was expired the reason that the clerk was hammered, or was he supposed to be able to tell the difference between the brother's pic on the ID and the 20 year old buying the booze?

    Sounds like the clerk is getting the shaft because mommy and daddy don't want to admit that their kid is solely responsible for his own death as well as the death of his friend. Every choice was this kids to make, and he should be the one blamed for his choices.

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