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    Drug user/dealer/convicted felon extraordinare running for Mayor in Florida

    Seth Solomon has admitted to a long history of tangling with the law.
    Wilton Manors voters now must decide whether he has a political future.
    Solomon, 43, is running for mayor in the March general election against incumbent Scott Newton.
    But he will be in court in February on charges that he let his pit bull attack a police officer, as well as numerous charges of using and selling marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and crystal meth.
    ''I can own up to my own addictions,'' said Solomon, who said he has been sober for 21 months. ``You don't get any worse than where I've been.''
    Solomon's local run-ins with the law go back to October 2000, when Broward sheriff's deputies charged him with trafficking in methamphetamine, according to BSO spokeswoman Liz Calzadilla-Fiallo.
    Since then, he has been arrested multiple times on similar charges by Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale police and BSO.
    Solomon told The Miami Herald he lives on disability payments. He openly discusses his HIV-positive status and claims he was driven to drugs by a former lover, depression and a feeling of alienation because he is gay.
    His low point, he said, came on March 20, 2004, when he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.
    On that day, neighbors Robert and Melinda Barnes called Wilton Manors police, saying Solomon was beating on their door, screaming that one of them had broken into his home. According to the arrest report:
    When officers arrived, the mayoral candidate was standing in the Barnes' front yard, allowing his female pit bull to charge Robert Barnes. Solomon turned on the officers, yelling that he was Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. He loosened the dog's leash, allowing the animal to lunge at the officers. At least one officer suffered a bite while police handcuffed Solomon.
    Ultimately, an officer shot and killed the dog.
    In the police cruiser, Solomon kicked the car window and shouted profanities at the officers while they placed him in leg restraints.
    ''I was on crystal meth,'' Solomon said in a telephone interview Monday. ``There were a lot of hallucinations.''
    On Monday, Melinda Barnes, 55, recalled the bizarre scene -- and the change she has seen in Solomon over the past five months.
    ''Before, he had a lot of people coming and going [from his home] at all hours of the night,'' she said. ``But he's been keeping quiet lately, a low profile.''
    Solomon helped his neighbors after Hurricane Wilma by cutting trees that were blocking their street, she said. And, she said, he brought coffee to a neighbor after the storm.
    Of Solomon's political ambitions, Barnes said: ``I think it's kind of humorous. I don't know what he knows about running a city.''
    Incumbent Mayor Scott Newton, 48, would not comment about his opponent's past. ''I have to focus on my record, no one else's,'' he said.
    Solomon said he wants to reduce taxes and increase development on Wilton Drive.
    He would be removed from the ballot if found guilty of a felony, and seems resigned to an uphill campaign.
    ''I have an arrest record that said I sold drugs. Who's going to believe me?'' said Solomon. ``It's something I have to overcome. It's a hard thing to overcome.''

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    WTF is wrong with this world? If they vote him in, I say we fail to recognize Florida as a state anymore. We'll just give it to Cuba.
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