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    Woman who injured Pc goes missing

    A mentally ill woman who wounded a police officer in an Essex park has been missing for three months after absconding from hospital.

    Toni Campbell, 38, attacked Pc Lucy Ross in Colchester Castle Park in April 2005, leaving her with a temple wound.

    She was detained under the Mental Health Act and was being treated at the secure psychiatric centre in Hackney, London, from where she absconded.

    But the Met Police waited three months before revealing she was missing.

    A police spokeswoman said officers had to carry out a line of inquiries before details about Campbell - a paranoid schizophrenic - were released.

    There are concerns Campbell's health would deteriorate without medication for her mental condition.

    Campbell, who was convicted of wounding, was given "authorised unescorted leave" from the hospital on 5 April, but failed to return.

    It is thought she might be sleeping rough, using hostels or other housing services for the vulnerable.

    Campbell is of mixed race, about 5ft 7in and of slim build. When she was last seen, her hair was worn in cornrows. However she also wears it loose and in the past she has kept her hair very short.

    Members of the public are advised to call 999 if they see her.

    PC John Hitchings from the Hackney Police Missing Persons Unit said: "Toni could be anywhere in the country. We have exhausted all inquiries and need the help of the public to trace her.

    "We have no reason to believe that she is a danger to others but would advise people to call 999 if they see her."


    I would say a mental health patient who assaults Police officers could be pretty dangerous to most people.

    Whats with giving a convicted criminal with mental health problems "authorised unescorted leave" why don't they just tell her not to bother coming back

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    Nothing new there though, Dave. I was GBH'd by a guy and the court ordered that he be detained at Hackney Hospital Psychiatric Unit. Trouble was the Psychiatric Unit was an Out Patients Department, so he was dropped off and never seen again.
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