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    Male nanny sexually abuses boy he is watching for years...father says about nanny "he's got game"

    A male nanny who sexually abused the Salt Lake City boy he was hired to care for was denounced Tuesday as handsome, smart, manipulative and frighteningly determined to gratify his desires.
    Released on bail at one point last year, David Michael Busby went straight to the boy's home and raped him, the father said during a sentencing hearing in 3rd District Court.
    "He's got game," the father told Judge Randall Skanchy. "It's what you'd expect from a seasoned, world-class child molester. Please lock him up until he's an old man."
    Skanchy obliged by sentencing Busby to 45 years to life in prison.
    Busby, 28, had pleaded guilty to three counts of sodomy on a child, which carry potential terms of six, 10 or 15 years to life. The judge ordered the 15-year minimum on each count, and ordered all terms to run consecutively.
    In exchange for his pleas, prosecutors dismissed 31 other charges, as well as a Davis County case involving a 13-year-old Farmington boy.
    Busby delivered a tearful apology in which he admitted "wrecking an innocent boy's life" and promised never to do it again.
    Turning to the boy's parents, Busby sobbed. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I want you to know I'm sorry."
    But the boy's mother said Busby "can show any emotion that will get him what he wants."
    "His skill is that he feels no guilt and no remorse and consequences are immaterial."
    Defense attorney Ronald Yengich insisted that Busby's apology, and his wish to change his life, were sincere.
    "I believe he does mean it," said Yengich, who had argued in favor of a more lenient sentence.
    Busby was a nanny in the Salt Lake City boy's home in 2002, but the parents asked him to leave after seeing him touch the boy inappropriately and finding a love note in the boy's lunch.
    Despite a retraining order - which Busby fought all the way to the Utah Supreme Court, where it was upheld - Busby continued a relationship with the boy.
    When naked pictures of the boy were found on Busby's digital camera last year, the boy claimed he took the pictures himself to protect Busby.
    But the boy later told police that Busby had sex with him about 150 times between December 2005 and March 2006.
    On Tuesday, speaking via a closed-circuit TV, the boy said Busby used anger, acceptance and threats of leaving - to control nearly all his actions.
    The boy, now 14, said Busby gave him a "secret" cell phone and required that he check in hourly. At night, they would watch movies and have sex, which the boy said often hurt him.
    Busby "made me believe I needed him, more than my family, more than my dignity," the boy said.
    He now realizes their time together was "a living hell," he said, adding he is now getting good grades and has a girlfriend.
    "I'm going to live my life now," the boy told Busby. "You go ahead and rot in jail."

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    Would his defense attorney hire him to watch his own kid? Somehow I doubt it.
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    That kid will be a mess for life. What a POS.
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    This is a prime case for castration not the chemical kind either the
    full snip and lose them job.I hope when in prison big BUBBA takes a fancy to him and shows him the pain he showed the kid he messed up.
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