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    Barbie Cummings blows it again

    Traffic Stop Porn Star Skips Court Date, Must Pay Ticket

    A porn actress who claimed she performed oral sex on a state trooper who stopped her for speeding lost her chance to avoid the ticket he issued because she failed to appear in court Friday.

    Justis Richert, 21, of Knoxville, must pay the $159 ticket within two weeks, but she could have avoided it altogether because the trooper has resigned and wasn't in court, officials said.

    Traffic charges were dropped against the 16 motorists who did appear in court for tickets issued by Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper James Randy Moss.

    "Had she been here, the ticket would have been dismissed," General Sessions Court Clerk Linda Neal said.

    Under her porn film name "Barbie Cummings," Richert wrote on her blog that Moss took photos and video of their encounter in May and sent copies to her. She said she acknowledged having drugs she described as "happy pills," but claimed the trooper threw them into brush near the highway.

    She also wrote that she told the trooper she made "dirty movies" and they then watched sex videos together in his patrol car.

    Richert did not immediately return a call Friday.

    Moss, 40, resigned, and prosecutors have said they would seek an indictment charging him with official misconduct and tampering with evidence.

    "He's voluntarily resigned," his attorney, Jack Lowery Sr., said Friday. "It appears to me a situation that should be concluded, but we'll have to see where it goes."

    Investigators also are looking into more than 25 other traffic stops by Moss; they said women came forward with their own complaints after hearing publicity on the actress' traffic stop. Prosecutors have said some of the women complained that Moss asked to see their breasts when he stopped them.

    Richert has continued with her blog, writing this month that she has married, is moving to Los Angeles and plans to continue working in the porn industry there. She also said she plans to sell the pink Honda she was driving when Moss stopped her.

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