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    Lightbulb Toledo cops begin selling ads on police cruisers

    Voluntary funding rather than taxation?

    Toledo cops begin selling ads on police cruisers

    The Toledo, Ohio police department needs to replace about 100 of its 140-car fleet at a time when money's tight. When budget deficits are forecast, getting funds can be a challenge, and that's what led the Toldeo department to offer cruiser sponsorships. In exchange for $15,000, the cars will have a 3 by 1 foot ad placed on the rear quarter panels. Four businesses have signed on so far, which means that two cars have been paid for. Toledo PD Chief Mike Navarre has received more negative feedback than good comments, but the bottom line is that it's going to offset the considerable annual cost of replacing all those cars. The influx of cash means the fleet gets replenished sooner while still leaving money for the many other things a police department needs. Innovative thinking in tough times is a consistent theme in America, and Toledo's not the first department to put ads on their cars. The Fire Department is keeping an eye on how the sponsorships unfold, and could roll out its own effort. We don't see what the big deal is; it's saving taxpayers money in the end. It's not like they've sold naming rights to the department or anything, so keep an eye out for new Chargers with a cop motor, a HEMI plant, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks, and an ad for Bambino's Pizza where 9-1-1 used to be.

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    hahaha. I know a cop who is going to be very funny looking in his new "sponsored" cruiser.
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