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    Some People Dont Deserve To Be Parents

    Mother Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Light Bed On Fire

    POSTED: 6:33 am CDT July 6, 2007

    CHICAGO -- When they arrived at Engine No. 107's house Thursday morning, the brother and sister calmly asked to use a phone, saying they had to call their dad.

    It's not an unusual request, and the firefighters asked if they wanted a public phone or needed help.

    Then came the more startling news -- "I don't want to go home right now," the 12-year-old girl said to firefighter Ray Shields. "My mom just tried to set the bed on fire."

    The 12-year-old and her 14-year-old brother were allegedly tied up -- one with a rope and another with a PlayStation cord -- inside their second-floor apartment in the 2900 block of West Roosevelt by their mother, who then tried to set the bed on fire, according to police reports.

    The two were able to free themselves and put the fire out, apparently, after their mother left the apartment.

    Shields said the two were not crying and they seemed calm.

    Shields and Lt. T.J. Strong immediately called police after the kids told their story and then took them into the firehouse's kitchen for some cake while they waited for authorities to arrive.

    Charges were pending Thursday against the mother, who lived in the apartment with her two children and husband, according to neighbors and her landlord.

    James Collins, a maintenance man at the building, said the mother had to be removed from the building by several officers. He said she was kicking and muttering. The children, he said, were crying and very upset.

    Several neighbors said the actions were out of character for the mother.

    "I never knew her to hurt anyone," said Christine Buckner, 50. "I don't believe it."

    Buckner and other neighbors also said the children were respectful and nice.

    The family’s landlord, who did not want his name printed, said their father worked for American Airlines. The mother did not work.

    Copyright 2007, Sun-Times News
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    She should be set on fire.



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