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    West Baton Rouge Deputy arrested


    WBR Deputy Accused of Hitting an Inmate could get Fired

    July 13, 2007 12:49 PM CDT

    The West Baton Rouge Parish Prison guard accused of beating an inmate could soon be unemployed.

    26-year-old Travis Swanson, a West Baton Rouge Parish deputy, is charged with second-degree battery and malfeasance in office.

    Sheriff Mike Cazes says he placed Swanson on leave without pay and could fire him after the completion of an internal affairs investigation.

    Detectives say while working on July 28th, Swanson hit Dustin Shelton in the face with a Motorola radio.

    They say the blow broke Shelton's nose and crushed his sinuses.

    Shelton was in jail for theft and burglary charges, and reportedly once tried to escape by taking a medic hostage.


    I use to work with this deputy and the medic the inmate took hostage was Travis' fiance'.

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    I read the Advocate article and it said that his twig and berries accidentally fell out of his boxers while he was taking his medicine. I hate it when I'm taken my flintstones and my junk just falls out.
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