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    Unlicensed 16 year old steals car, runs from cops, & crashes in the P.D. parking lot

    One would think that a car theft suspect would drive away from the police.
    But an unlicensed 16-year-old allegedly stole a 2005 Honda Civic yesterday and tried to escape from an officer by driving into a city-owned parking lot full of marked police cars.
    The teenager, who was not identified because he is a juvenile, crashed into a marked police tow truck, sending the car spinning and the back bumper flying onto the pavement, said Officer Michael McCarthy, a police spokesman.
    ''He is 16; obviously he isn't the best driver in the world," McCarthy said yesterday. ''He struck a parked Boston police car towing truck."
    The youth is to be arraigned today on charges of assault and battery, larceny of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, driving without a license, speeding, failing to stop for a police officer, and driving to endanger.
    Officers began searching for the teenager after a 38-year-old Wellesley man called 911 saying the youth had stolen his car, McCarthy said.
    The man was at a stop light at Washington Street and Union Park in the South End when the teenager and another young man began heckling him and asking, ''What are you looking at," said McCarthy. After the man got out of his car to confront the youths, the teenager entered the vehicle and drove away, McCarthy said.
    An officer tried to pull the teenager over, but the youth sped off, McCarthy said. The youth then pulled into a city-owned lot on Frontage Road, McCarthy said.
    After crashing into the truck, the teenager fled on foot, running through the lot before two officers tackled him, McCarthy said.
    ''It is a huge parking lot full of police vehicles," McCarthy said. ''You can't mistake it as being anything other than a city parking lot."

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    Sounds like 'misdemeanor dumbass' would be a good charge in this case! ;<)

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    So stupid........ must have been on crack
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    Hopped up on airplane glue I suspect.

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    Sounds about like what happened in my town:

    7-year-old driver put on probation
    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    The 7-year-old Shelbyville boy who led city police on a 5.5-mile chase on Jan. 9 was put on probation last week.
    Bedford County Juvenile Court Judge Charles Rich placed the boy on a delinquency prevention program during a 20-minute hearing on Thursday.

    Assistant District Attorney Hollynn Hewgley presented Rich with a petition asking that the boy be declared delinquent because the alleged act could be considered a crime if committed by an adult.

    The boy took his mother's keys while she was napping that Monday evening.
    Joyriding, driving without a license, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless endangerment and evading by motor vehicle were charges listed by Patrolman Josh Leverette who reported the police and county sheriff's deputies' pursuit at 5-6 miles with speeds of 35-50 mph.

    When police car blue lights are turned on, so are the car's video cameras and recording units, so a public record was made of the chase that was virtually seen around the world on cable TV news programs.

    That was regrettable, according to comments made by Rich during the hearing. World-wide attention to a juvenile's antics didn't seem appropriate to the judge, according to a news source who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

    Addressing the under-age driver, Rich said that it's very important for him to understand that under no circumstances was he to drive a motor vehicle until he obtained a driver's license.

    The delinquency prevention program used in this case is new, so it's unclear how long the probationary period might last. Counseling is included. A probation officer may make a recommendation to the judge when the probationary period could be ended.
    It is better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainCop
    Sounds like 'misdemeanor dumbass' would be a good charge in this case! ;<)

    Since he fled in a MV, I would go with Felony Moron as well.
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