POSTED: 1:45 pm PDT July 16, 2007
UPDATED: 2:50 pm PDT July 16, 2007

DENVER -- An armed man who said that he would take over for the governor and tried to storm into the governor's office was shot and killed by state troopers on Monday.
Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter was inside the office but was unharmed, Denver TV station KMGH reported.
The shooting occurred at about 2 p.m., authorities said.

The intruder said, "I am the emperor and I'm here to take over state government," said Evan Dreyer, the governor's spokesman.
Witnesses describe the gunman as a white, heavyset man in his 30s or 40s who was dressed in a business suit.

Dreyer said that Ritter is a little bit shaken and rattled but is doing fine. "I think it's a testament to the state patrol that this ended very quickly and that the governor and everyone inside the Capitol is safe," Dreyer said.

The governor's office is located on the first floor, just on the north side of state Capitol. The governor's offices include a lobby and several other rooms.

The shooting reportedly occurred just outside Ritter's makeshift office, which is being used while his office is being renovated.
Employees in the state Capitol were locked down until the scene was cleared. The State Capitol was evacuated and will be closed for the day.

The gunman's body is still inside the Capitol.

There are no metal detectors on the first floor of the Capitol but there are metal detectors on the second floor, just outside the House Chambers.

The metal detectors on the first floor were installed shortly after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, but were removed in July 2002.

"There is a very heavy security presence around the governor all the time. This is a very safe building," Dreyer said.

The Capitol is open for tours every weekday and several tourists were in the Capitol at the time. Some of the tourists were witnesses to the shooting and have been sequestered for police questioning.

The Denver Police Department will be investigating the shooting because it is a homicide and it occurred in the city of Denver.
Police don't know who the gunman is or why he entered the Capitol.