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    Convicted Cop Killer Gets 90 Day Reprieve

    Convicted Cop Killer Gets 90-Day Reprieve

    POSTED: 6:10 am EDT July 16, 2007
    UPDATED: 5:47 am EDT July 17, 2007

    ATLANTA -- The state Board of Pardons and Paroles has granted a stay of execution for up to 90 days for a man convicted of killing a Savannah police officer in 1989.

    Troy Davis had faced a lethal injection Tuesday before the decision by the board after less than an hour of deliberation.

    The stay means the execution will be on hold while the board weighs the evidence presented as part of the 38-year-old Davis' request for clemency. A spokeswoman for the board said it must reach a decision by October 14. But if it denies clemency before then it could lift the stay.

    On Monday, lawyers for Davis spent more than five hours pleading with the board to grant a reprieve to their client.

    Prosecutors were given a chance during the closed-door hearing to rebut the request for clemency for Davis, who was convicted of the August 1989 murder of Officer Mark MacPhail.

    The board's options included commuting Davis' death sentence to life in prison or granting a stay of his execution while it considers the issues.

    Among those who argued for clemency for Davis during Monday's parole board hearing were friends, family and U.S. Representative John Lewis, an Atlanta Democrat and civil rights icon.

    Davis's lawyer said five witnesses who testified at trial spoke to the board on his behalf.

    Among those present for the state at the parole board's offices were the victim's widow and mother and the district attorney for Chatham County. They have argued that Davis received a fair trial and has had plenty of appeals, all of which have failed.

    Davis lawyer Jason Ewart said after the board's decision that it took off some pressure, and they can present the rest of their innocence case.

    But the officer's widow, Joan MacPhail, said in an interview that she was disappointed by the decision. She said it sets a precedent for criminals that it is all right to kill a police officer and get away with it.

    He's had long enough to wait for his punishment.

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    If this guy has allready had his appeals and lost he should have the needle let the bleeding heart brigade take a hike it said he had a fair trial which was probably more than the cop he killed got.
    Dont dally give the needle.
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    Among those who argued for clemency for Davis during Monday's parole board hearing were friends, family and U.S. Representative John Lewis, an Atlanta Democrat and civil rights icon.


    While they are at it, they should give the needle to John Lewis, too!

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    Where was Officer Mark McPhail's reprieve?


    Where was his one-year old daughter's clemency from serving life without a father or his wife's clemency from serving life without her husband?

    Who gave ear to the pleas for his life?

    Let justice be done, and let it be final.

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