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    Boy Sleeps in Tent to Avoid Flies - Inside Own Home

    Couple That Kept Horse in Home Arrested

    Associated Press
    July 18, 2007
    Authorities removed a miniature horse and seven dogs from a home strewn with feces and rotting produce and charged the owners with endangering their 12-year-old child, officials said Tuesday.

    Joe Silva and Nichole Surkala's house was so badly infested with flies that Surkala's young son had to sleep in a tent to escape them, said Animal Control Officer Jennifer Sol, who went to the residence investigating a neighbor's complaint Monday.

    'There was nothing in my career that could have prepared me for what I came into,' Sol said. 'There were flies throughout. The (floor) had straw all over it. There were feces all over the kitchen. It was not pretty.'

    The child told her he slept in the tent inside his bedroom 'because it was clean,' Sol said. Social workers took the boy from the house and put him in protective custody, she said.

    Surkala, 37, the boy's mother, and Silva, 30, his stepfather, were arrested on felony child endangerment charges. Surkala posted $25,000 bail later Monday, while Silva remained in jail Tuesday. A jail clerk didn't have any information about defense lawyers.

    The couple rented out the miniature horse for children's parties, and the produce that littered the dwelling was used to feed the animal, Sgt. Ed Steele said.

    'The animals were defecating all over the house,' he said. 'They were living in it. You couldn't walk anywhere without stepping on the stuff.'

    Horses are not allowed to be kept within Modesto city limits, Sol noted.

    The horse appeared to be in good condition, but the dogs looked in need of attention, she said.
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    At least they got there when they did, to remove the child and the animals.

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    That's disgusting. Those people are messed up...
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    That is very screwed up. But that's the way some people are. They probably didn't even realize the horrible complications that can come from this situation.
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    so what is the problem?


    last month i went into a home where the kitchen had one of those smooth tops to it.... it was disgusting and i asked the lady what happend with the stove..
    she replied...
    oh nodfin' it good stove, me cook rite onit no pot no pan
    no need it flat

    i was like omg....

    the rest of the home was just as bad...

    I dont know but when i walk into a third world country on a call it sort of sets me back a bit and i just look at these people like... wow... wtf?

    i am really glad the pony is ok and the dogs got help.

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    The miniature horse is probably in need of mental help after all this.

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    I got nothing.
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    Damn, and I was thinking it was bad when my laundry hamper gets overfull. I don't even want to THINK about my kid's room, and it's nowhere near ANYTHING like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisipso View Post
    I got nothing.
    My grandma used to ask me "Were you raised in a barn?" when I'd put my shoes on the furniture and such. Guess this kid would have a reply to that.

    About all I have.

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    Man those folks need to stop horsing around in that shit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy Fed View Post
    Man those folks need to stop horsing around in that shit


    Sad, sad story. I'm speechless.

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    How disgusting!

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    Disgusting isn't the word. More like revolting. And to think that I live near Modesto. These parents are severely screwed up in the head, or meth tweakers, maybe. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Some people should not be allowed to breed. Just another way to get Modesto on the map in a negative perspective.

    Word has it by reading the comments in my local paper that "These people had been reported many times before and nobody did anything about it. The children in this house had endured this type of lifestyle their entire life. What's sad is that the mother went out in public looking, (and smelling) just as nasty as her house, actually interacting with social service workers on a regular basis, yet nobody even took notice and thought about the welfare of her children."

    I hope that the children and the animals were able to find more sanitary places to live. This is just plain unreal.

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