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    Man Held in Assault on a Child

    Alcohol allegedly used to lure boy

    By Kristina Davis
    July 18, 2007
    A 13-year-old boy was sexually assaulted near a Poway middle school Monday after a homeless man lured him with alcohol to a hillside encampment, sheriff's officials said yesterday.

    Jesus Mora Nava, 30, was arrested hours later after a short pursuit by deputies and booked into jail on suspicion of several child molestation charges.

    Nava is being held without bail. He also is being detained on federal immigration violations.

    The boy told sheriff's investigators that he was west of Meadowbrook Middle School when Nava approached him Monday afternoon.

    Nava promised the boy alcohol and led him to a nearby hillside, where it appeared Nava had been camping out, sheriff's Capt. Glenn Revell said.

    Investigators said Nava gave the boy a drink before sexually assaulting him.

    The boy ran away after the attack and alerted an adult at a nearby sports field, Revell said.
    The adult drove the boy to the Poway sheriff's station, where he was interviewed and then taken to a hospital.

    Deputies searched for the transient but found the camp empty.

    That night, a sheriff's helicopter used an infrared camera to detect a heat source in the area.

    Nava was arrested after a short chase. Investigators say he was identified based on the victim's statement and help from local businesses.

    Nava entered the country illegally after being deported from the Imperial Valley in May, said Lauren Mack, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman.

    Nava also has been arrested for public intoxication, Revell said.

    “We are concerned he has possibly tried to lure other young people in a similar situation, and we'd like other possible victims to summon the same courage and come forward,” Revell said.
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