A 19-year-old Russian conscript has been fighting for his life after a New Year's Eve hazing that forced doctors to amputate his legs and genitals.
Andrei Sychyov was tied to a chair and beaten on the legs for at least three hours by six drunken servicemen, including two officers, at an armed forces academy in the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk, The Moscow Times reported Thursday.
Commanders and military doctors ignored his complaints of severe pain in his legs until Jan. 4, when he failed to show up for a drill, the prosecutor's office said. By that point, gangrene had spread up his legs, and doctors had to amputate.
Chief Military Prosecutor Alexander Savenkov called the hazing the worst he had ever seen. During the more than 20 years that I have served as prosecutor, I have not seen a more cynical and audacious crime against servicemen, he said.
All six servicemen believed to have participated in the hazing have been detained. Military prosecutors say that hazing is a growing problem in the armed forces, one that has driven scores of servicemen to suicide. Military commanders insist, however, that the problem is not widespread.