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    Boozing before blastoff?

    NASA responds to claims of drinking problem
    Agency promises to investigate reportís allegations of heavy alcohol use
    Report raises alarm about NASA, astronauts
    July 27: MSNBC's Monica Novotny talks to former space and shuttle engineer James Oberg about a new report that says NASA let astronauts fly drunk on two occasions.
    Boozing before blastoff?
    July 27: NBC's Jay Barbree has the latest on the reports about alcohol use among astronauts befor blast off.

    After drinking heavily, one astronaut flew on a Russian spacecraft and another was cleared to launch on a space shuttle, according to interviews conducted by a panel of outside experts, the panelís chairman said Friday.

    In the case of the shuttle, the mission was delayed for mechanical reasons and the astronaut wanted to fly a jet from Florida back home to Houston, said Col. Richard Bachmann Jr., head of the panel, created to assess astronaut health. He said he didnít know the outcome.

    The two incidents are representative of the kinds of reports he and other panel members heard about heavy alcohol use in the astronaut corps, Bachman said over a telephone link to a news briefing at NASA Headquarters in Washington. He stressed, however, that his panel did not independently verify the incidents cited by flight surgeons and astronauts.

    In none of these can we say factually they did or did not occur,Ē he said. Bachmann said it was not the panelís mission to investigate allegations and that NASA would have to ferret out details.

    NASAís top managers said they were unaware of any astronauts who were drunk before a flight but promised to follow up on the report.

    "We will act immediately on the more troubling aspects of this report," NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale said during the briefing. Bryan O'Connor, NASA's chief of safety and mission assurance, would be in charge of the investigation, she said.

    Bachmann said he was "very glad to hear" that NASA was taking action.

    NASA created Bachmann's independent panel, as well as an internal review board headed by Johnson Space Center director Mike Coats, after the arrest of astronaut Lisa Nowak in February on charges she tried to kidnap her rival in a love triangle. Both panels issued reports that were released by NASA Friday.

    Bachmann, an aerospace medical specialist with the Air Force, said his panel deliberately did not seek out pertinent details, such as exactly when the heavy drinking occurred. The overriding concern, he said, was that flight surgeons were ignored.
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    Haha- I've been hearing about that all day.

    Maybe you have to be drunk to go up in that thing after the others have exploded.

    What if your car exploded every 50th time you started it up? Wouldn't you need a good slug of Jack Daniels before you turned the ignition key?

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    I don't see the problem! Do you think they were going to crash into something???



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