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    Dispatchin & Drug Dealin

    St.Charles 9-1-1 dispatcher sold drugs on duty,DEA says
    Posted by Matt Scallan July 31, 2007 11:07AM
    By Matt Scallan
    River Parishes bureau

    A St. Charles Parish 911 operator allegedly sold crack cocaine in front of the parish emergency communications center while on duty in 2006, according to a sworn statement filed in federal court on Friday.

    The criminal complaint alleges that Desmond Boudoin, who lived at 124 Soraporu Court, Edgard, at the time, also sold crack cocaine to undercover officers at his home and in Killona.
    The investigation was conducted by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office in conjunction with a Drug Enforcement Administration task force.
    Boudoin hasn't been a communications operator "for some time," Sheriff's Office spokesman Capt. Patrick Yoes, said Tuesday.
    Yoes said further details would be released today in conjunction with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

    I wonder how much info he leaked also!
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    out-fucking -standing...

    hate folks like that =/


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