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    Bed time stories; Mommy ......

    Got this from a web site: http://www.soundpolitics.com/archives/005676.html

    Democratic Fairy Tales (Just for Jena)

    Mommy takes some food from the neighbor children next door so that she doesn't have to buy food for our family."

    "Mommy always tells us it's not nice when other kids beat us up, but she tells us never to defend ourselves because we have to be sensitive of bullys too."

    "Mommy reads the New York Times paper because she says that's where the truth is, and she never reads blogs because they are mostly written by bad people who are Republicans."

    "Mommy divorced Daddy because he was just an example of paternal oppression. I miss Dadddy, but Mommy says that Uncle Sam is a good substitute for Daddy."

    "Mommy wants me to love Black, Yellow, Brown and other colored people, but not white people. All colors area equal to Mommy except white."

    "Mommy wants me to be sensitive and tolerant of others, unless they are Republicans.

    The Republicans:

    Mommy helps to provide lawyers for terrorists, but wants to have George Bush impeached for going after them.

    Mommy wants to give houses to alcoholics, by taking away money from people who work hard.

    Mommy is ok not attacking Iran for having nukes, but she is really scared of law abiding citizens for owning guns.

    Mommy wants to make sure that she can have a private investment retirement account, but you need to have a government controlled system.

    Mommy hates republicans because they have different ideas than she does.

    Mommy can't win approval of a bunch of people voting in national elections.

    Mommy points out that her enemy's approval ratings are in the mid-40's, but her approval ratings are below the 30's

    The best:

    mommy is a socialist.
    mommy can barely read herself.
    mommy is an idiot.

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    Mommy hates republicans because they have different ideas than she does.

    I thought this was the other way around.
    Do not war for peace. If you must war, war for justice. For without justice there is no peace. -me

    We are who we choose to be.

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