Charleston gator shows up in front of law firm

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An alligator brave enough to go out in this heat is caught on Ashley River Road in Charleston.
City police say they got a call about a five-foot alligator in front of a law firm on Highway 61 just before 5:00 Friday afternoon.
Along with the police, animal services and the DNR also responded.
Everyone involved says they were quite surprised to find a gator so close to a business. Officer Scott Tugya of the Charleston Police Department says, "I had a dog and goldfish growing up, but nothing like this."
Tony O'Neill is the attorney who spotted the gator. O'Neill says, "I had a good day in court and thought maybe this is Mitchell Sherman's closing argument."
We're told DNR took the gator from the scene and will release it - away from the city.