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    Suspect had record

    Police knew Geraldine Beasley long before they arrested her this week on charges of fatally shooting a panhandler.

    The Walnut Hills woman has been arrested or cited more than 20 times in the past decade, most often for traffic violations or for minor offenses such as unlawfully transporting a firearm.

    None of those offenses was severe enough to keep her from getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. "There was nothing to disqualify her," said Hamilton County sheriff's spokesman Steve Barnett.

    Beasley, 62, was licensed to carry a concealed gun on Monday when police say she shot and killed Donald Francis outside the Marathon station at Eighth and Linn streets in Queensgate.

    Police initially said Beasley shot Francis, 44, after he asked her for 25 cents. But Sgt. Gary Conner said they now think Beasley also was panhandling and may have argued with Francis before shooting him.

    Police said the shooting came three weeks after Beasley was investigated for chasing a man with a gun in her hand. He said the man did not cooperate and no charges were brought.

    If she had been charged, her concealed-carry permit might have been in jeopardy.

    State law disqualifies anyone with a felony or misdemeanor conviction related to drugs or violence from obtaining a permit. Most gun-related violations also are enough to disqualify an applicant.

    Beasley had many citations and arrests, but no significant convictions.

    She paid a fine for unlawfully transporting a firearm in 2003, but that charge was not serious enough to bar her from getting a permit when she applied for one through the sheriff's office a year later.

    Police have suggested Beasley may have had mental problems, which could have disqualified her. But court and police records make no reference to mental illness.

    "She has no convictions that would disqualify her from legally obtaining a concealed carry permit," Barnett said. "There are no written records of her having any mental issues."

    Beasley's attorney, Massimino Ionna, said authorities told him his client may have mental problems, but he said he has found no evidence to support that. He said he's not yet sure if he will seek a competency evaluation of Beasley.

    He also disputed reports Beasley targeted Francis because he was a panhandler, although he would not discuss what he thinks happened. "We don't believe in any way, shape or form that this was just her going out to shoot a panhandler," Ionna said.

    Conner said Francis told relatives he was trying to collect enough money to go home to rural Kentucky within the next 10 days. He said Francis' family took the news of his death hard.

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    So a single incident of a licensed person misusing their weapon is worth a 15 paragraph article, but the media can't ever seem to acknowledge the two million times a year that armed citizens have successfully defended life and property.
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