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    Taser guns targeted towards women

    Taser guns targeted to women
    Last Edited: Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007, 11:12 PM EDT Created: Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007, 11:12 PM EDT An Arizona company is mass-marketing taser guns to women.

    - Taser guns have generated their share of controversy in the past. But the latest model from the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company is really generating sparks. It's being mass-marketed to the female consumer.
    It looks nothing like the other models, It is relatively cheap, retailing at $350, and it is intentionally made to be small enough to fit in a purse. It is lightweight, resembles a ladies' razor, and it even comes in different colors, including pink.
    "That's who they're going after. They're going after the female population and it's a very big market," explained Michael McBee, who owns an internet company called www.nonlethaldefense.com.
    "They're much more comfortable for a woman than anything Taser has ever made in the past," McBee said.
    "Most women in general are not running around carrying guns and they're looking for ways to protect themselves, something that they can feel comfortable with," theorized McBee.
    He sells a lot of Taser products as well as other stun guns and pepper spray. McBee is thrilled with the idea of the Taser C2 and thinks a product like this has been a long time coming.
    "There's a lot of people out there that want the person that's attacking them to stay alive and they're looking for a way to protect themselves at the same time," McBee said.
    If sales volume of the C2 is any indication, he is right. The businessman can't even get his hands on one of them because Taser International is currently processing all their backorders before they can start on new orders.
    "They're telling us it's going to be a while before we see a mass flow of them," he added. "It's kind of like when the new i-phone came out... there was only so many of them and that was it."
    The C2 worries some human rights groups, like Amnesty International and even a few police unions.
    The concern? That the popular, easily-accessible new Taser could become another weapon in the bad guys' arsenal, and get turned on the owner or even law enforcement.
    Corporal Jared Douds of the Tampa Police Department explained the general concern.
    "We, as police officers, put our lives on the line every day. We're concerned about anything out there that is or could be used as a weapon," Douds said.
    But, he continued, the real worry at Tampa Police Department comes not from a new kind of Taser, but from would-be criminals because, he postulated, anything can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands -- even a chair.
    "There are many things out there that potentially could be weapons, used both for good and for bad and that's something that we need to be aware of."
    However, Corporal Douds pointed to one key safety measure placed on all Taser guns. Though they may be fairly easy to purchase from many retailers, they do not work and do not even turn on until the buyer goes through a background check by Taser International and gets registered with the company.

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    Hmmm....wonder if my wife would want one?
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    That sounds better than my mace.

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    I think I'll stick with my Ruger...

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    Get ready, guys. Once the free market grabs hold of the Taser fully, we'll be dealing with them a LOT more often on the streets.

    Personally being hit with the thing 3 times, I'd say a five-second incapacitation of an armed LEO could have potentially fatal consequences. I see a HUGE use of force fight on the horizon when one of us drops the hammer on a taser-wielding thug.

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    I still think that Tasers make a lousy self-defense weapon for civilians. Even if they are pink. (note: I am not advocating any sort of regulation regarding people owning or carrying tasers)
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    Comes in different colors, including pink
    That's all I need to know!

    My friend got her hands on one of the first "police" versions when they came out years ago (when they were not legal in California)

    When I guy tried to mug her one night, she just pulled the trigger to show the crackle.....pretty good deterrent.
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