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    Post Now, that's close!

    Officials have denied any breach of safety after two planes were pictures apparently flying perilously close together over east London.
    The aircraft - a DHL plane and a Japan Airlines jet - were reportedly seen flying over West Ham's Upton Park ground just after 1500 GMT on Saturday.

    The Civil Aviation Authority said no near miss had been reported and it was impossible to tell how close they were.

    DHL said both planes had landed at Heathrow with no safety lapses.

    The photographer who captured the image told the Sunday Mirror he started taking photos after seeing the planes apparently coming together "on a collision course".

    But a spokesman for DHL said photographs could be "incredibly deceptive".

    "In the picture, they look like they are close together but it doesn't mean they are. And in fact they were not," he said.

    "If there had been any incident of them being close together, there are all sorts of systems which would have gone off, both in the plane itself and at air traffic control - but there wasn't any report of an incident."

    The spokesman said there was no question that either aircraft had strayed from its proper path, which should mean there was a distance of some two and a half miles between them.

    BBC News

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    Glad I was not on board either plane. We would have had some serious problems.
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    Can't belive they didn't hit or have other affects from being so close. And that does not look like they are 2.5 miles from each other. Weird.



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