Two kids rescued after driving into canal

AVENTURA, Fla. (WSVN) -- Police do not plan to file any charges against a mother who left her children unattended in a car, which wound up in a canal when one of the kids took the wheel.

The 12-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl are lucky to be alive after good Samaritans came to their rescue, and they had to be momentarily hospitalized Tuesday morning. Police are calling the entire ordeal an unfortunate incident and do not put the blame on the mother. "I was right there next to them," said the mother, Tatiana Columbus. "I was getting my daughter in the back seat, and all of a sudden the car started moving, like pushing me forward, just pulling me with them."

A policeman on the scene said the boy took control of the car when his mom was not looking and drove the vehicle over a sea wall on the 37th block of North Country Club Road. "The 12-year-old boy, while the mom was outside, decided to start the car," said the unidentified authority. "When he started the car, it accidentally went in gear and went over the sea wall into the water."

The young boy, whose first name was not released, said the incident shook him up, and, though he tried, he couldn't help his sister. "It was pretty scary and," he pauses. "I tried to save my little sister. I held my breath for the longest I could. I went to the driver's seat and tried to grab her."

Two good Samaritans jumped into the water to rescue the trapped children. "The guy came and jumped, and I jumped into the water to try and take the people out of the water," said Oscar Suarez, one of the good Samaritans.

Another Samaritan said they used a lawn mower to break a window. "I jumped right in, couldn't open the door, another guy jumped in and, with a lawnmower, smashed the rear window and got the kids out," said the unidentified second savior.

The men pulled the children out from the rear window. Both children were conscious, and rescue crews arrived on the scene to take them to Jackson North Medical Center. They were released later that same day in fine condition. "I'm very lucky," said Columbus, "and I thank God because I think it was him and all these good people that live here."