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    13-Year-Old Arrested For Fort Worth Shooting


    (CBS 11 News) FORT WORTH Police in Fort Worth have arrested a 13-year-old boy accused of robbing and shooting a man.

    The incident happened late Thursday night at an apartment complex in the 5200 block of East Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth. The boy allegedly violated curfew and shot 33-year-old Guillermo Jimenez after stealing his wallet. Witnesses said that the victim was sitting in his pickup truck outside of his apartment at the time of the incident.

    "He took his wallet and he shot him right in his leg," said Ramero Jimenez, the victim's brother.

    The suspect was arrested when he returned to the crime scene on a bicycle. Lt. Paul Henderson with the Fort Worth Police Department said, "The officers immediately detained the suspect. A couple of witnesses pointed the suspect out and said that's the individual."

    According to local residents, this same boy has been terrorizing kids, picking fights and stealing. Byron Hernandez, a child living in the apartment complex, said, "Once, he tried to steal my bike. He said, 'Let me borrow your bike,' but he was just trying to take it, and I pushed him back."

    While Jimenez is now at home trying to recover from his injuries, neighbors hope that the apartment complex works on increasing security. Detectives are looking into the possibility that nearby security cameras could provide some video evidence.

    According to witnesses, the 13-year-old alleged shooter had an accomplice. Police are still looking for him.

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    Good ole Lancaster Ave., what a nice place to live......NOT!!!

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