Ambulance crew besieged by gang

An ambulance has been besieged and attacked by a gang of youths while tending to an injured patient.

Paramedics were called to treat two men, both 25, who had been assaulted by a group near Ipswich Station at about 0245 BST on Saturday.

An East of England Ambulance spokesman said the group began "pounding on the vehicle and trying to break inside".
Police said officers arrived at the scene and two arrests were made while the ambulance went to the hospital.

'Gauntlet of abuse'

The ambulance spokesman said: "The paramedic and a student ambulance technician were understandably distressed.

"This moronic type of behaviour is sadly becoming more and more common in our towns and cities.

"Ambulance crews and police run a gauntlet of abuse and violence every weekend. "One day someone with a life-threatening injury will go untreated if it's too dangerous for an ambulance crew to enter the scene."