ELYRIA, Ohio -- Police said an Elyria man with a fake leg used it as a weapon in an alleged robbery.

This story is not only about a man using a prosthesis as a weapon, but about a girl who was willing to step in and fight the man until police arrived, reported NewsChannel5's Alicia Scicolone.

Gina McKee said she was at an Elyria convenience store early Monday morning when a man allegedly stole someone's wallet, and McKee took action.

"I've seen him get kicked out of the store previously and he walked back in. About 2 feet in, turned around, walked back out," said McKee. "He looked at me and said, 'I didn't take no wallet. I didn't take nothing. I'm not a thief.' I said, 'Nobody said you did.' So basically it was like a guilty conscience."

That guilty reaction was enough to make McKee follow the man police identify as 45-year-old Lemuel Voorhies.

"He immediately just starts going off. 'I didn't take nothing. The police can come.' I got out of the car and said, 'The police are on their way, don't leave,'" said McKee.

McKee said not only did the man scream at her and start throwing punches, he did something totally unexpected.

"I hear like a pop, and he pops his prosthetic leg off, and next thing I know I see this boot flying across my face," she said.

She said Voorhies was so mad, he also picked up his bike and threw it at her.

McKee said she got into a punching match with Voorhies and police showed up minutes later.

McKee said helping out was all worth it.

"If it were to happen again, I'd do the same thing," she said.

Police said Voorhies has a long record dating back at least 15 years, but none of the past crimes were violent.

The investigation into the stolen wallet is still going on, but police charged Voorhies with assault for allegedly hitting McKee with his prosthetic leg.

Wow, in a case like this I'm sure he doesn't have a leg to stand on in court......................... ...