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    NorCal Child Killed, Buried In Apt. Complex

    NorCal Child Killed, Buried In Apt. Complex

    SAN JOSE, Calif. -- San Jose police released details Monday afternoon of a brutal slaying of a 6-year-old boy.

    Police told NBC the boy, Oscar Jiminez, was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend in February.

    Police said the couple then put the boy's body in a sleeping bag and drove it to Phoenix.

    San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis said the couple put the body in a plastic bag and buried it in the courtyard of an abandoned apartment complex.

    The two suspects in the case are the boy's mother, Katherine Jiminez, and her boyfriend, Samuel Corona, NBC reported.
    Davis said Corona returned to the site days later and covered it with concrete.

    A news helicopter flew over the scene where the boy's remains were discovered and showed a pile of dirt and what appeared to be several pounds of broken concrete in the back area of a single-story row of apartments.

    Corona is in custody in Arizona and will be extradited back to San Jose soon, police said.

    Police said Corona beat the boy over something he said to his 1-year-old son who was visiting their home in San Jose on Haze Street.

    Corona said to Katherine Jiminez at the time, "Say goodbye to your son," according to police.

    The Phoenix Police Department was contacted by San Jose police Sunday, NBC11 reported.

    San Jose detective flew to Phoenix and with the help of their Phoenix counterparts, they located the body of the victim in a secret place at a vacant apartment at 5105 N. 39th Avenue.

    Davis was very emotional as he told reporters about the slaying, NBC reported. His voice broke several times during the short news conference.

    The death of Jiminez came to light recently when Katherine Jiminez was asked in court where her son was and she said he was dead.

    San Jose police officers are still in Phoenix working on the case, Davis said.

    It is San Jose's 19th homicide of the year, police said Monday.
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    That is so sad, and so sick. I'll never understand how a person could harm a defenceless child. We had one here, exactly the same. The 3-year-old child interrupted dad while he was watching the football game, so the dad slamed the kid against the wall fracturing the child's skull.

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    Say goodbye to Samuel Corona. Good riddance, may he rot in jail.

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    What a POS!
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