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    N.J. students ticketed for jaywalking

    N.J. students ticketed for jaywalking

    2 hours, 33 minutes ago

    Teaneck officials will meet with parents who are fuming after police ticketed middle schoolers for jaywalking. Some of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School students are as young as 11.
    About half a dozen students were returned to school in police cars so their parents could be notified.
    Some parents and civil rights leaders question whether police are singling out a predominantly black section of town.
    Police say they are responding to complaints from neighbors.
    Principal Antoine Green says students were warned to stay on the sidewalk.
    Deputy Mayor Lizette Parker tells The Record of Bergen County there's something seriously wrong giving tickets to 11-year-olds.
    Information from: The Record of Bergen County, http://www.northjersey.com

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    Here we go again. Another place playing the race card. I hope that they have been equally doing this at the less minority orientated schools in that town, otherwise they will suffer the wrath of al sharpton and his messed up hairdo. I guess all state laws should add "Unless you are a minority" in their written laws since they all feel that they do not have to follow the same laws as everyone else. This political correctness is totally out of control. I dont agree with profiling, unless you are a criminal (PERIOD!). I dont care where you are from or color you are. A butthead is a butthead regardless of all that. With that said, ticketing 11 year olds is a bit extreme, just dont like the race angle being played.
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    Of course their going to play the race angle they always do. Regardless of whether it has any bearing or not. I'm just waiting for Rev. Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and company to show up.
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