Canned food donators rewarded with porn at Playtime in Edison
By: Sheena Quashie

Posted: 9/24/07

While it still remains true that you will never get something for nothing, one New Jersey Adult novelty store is giving out free pornography.

Playtime in Edison is doing its part to combat hunger with its fourth annual can goods drive Food for Porn.

The owner of Playtime, Deirdre Krasner and fellow employees, became concerned with fighting hunger in the state after reading an article about the phenomenon called "charity fatigue."

After September 11, many food pantries in the area were empty with most people giving charity to other efforts, explains manager Mike Drake. The effort has resulted in hundreds of cans being donated in the last four years.

In the drive's second year, over a thousand cans were collected, and Drake hopes to beat that record with this years drive.

He recalls in the first two years when Playtime had a hard time finding a place to donate the cans they received, because they were an adult store.

"While its great to have fun with the idea 'Food for Porn,' " Drake commented, "hunger is no laughing matter; not just in Africa or China but right here in New Jersey, there are hundreds of children going to bed without having had any food, and that's no laughing matter."

The promotion works simple enough: If someone over the age of 21 brings in a can of food into the store that is over 13 ounces that is not dented or expired, they get a pornographic DVD. While the donator cannot choose the exact title, they can choose between gay, lesbian or straight blind packaged porn. Donations will be taken from September to November.

"I've never seen anything like this before; it's great. I'm getting porn for a good deed," said one Rutgers-New Brunswick student that did not want to be named while dropping off his donation.
Drake said that quite a few Rutgers University students have supported the effort.

The project has drawn support from not only locals, but some celebrities like Angus Oblong, cartoonist and father of the Adult Swim animated show, and popular adult film actress Sabrina Sparx.

Sparx also appears on their famous Adult Star Path of Fame with notable names like Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick, and Paris Hilton. The actress appears along with others in commercials promoting Food for Porn on

Food donated is received by Starfish Food Pantry, INC of Plainfield at Covenant United Methodist Church. Church Director Linda Stanbach could not be reached for a comment