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    District officials standing by a Marietta (Ga.) High School's decision to not censor an article in the school paper calling homosexuality a disorder

    GEORGIA District officials are standing by a Marietta high school principal's decision not to censor an opinion piece calling homosexuality one of biology's "reproductive errors," despite high profile media attention describing the "furor" caused by the article.

    A column by Carlton J. Kell High School senior Thomas Benjamin appeared in this year's first edition of the school's student newspaper, The Inkwell, arguing that homosexuality is a medical disorder "as much as Down's syndrome."

    After copies of the paper were distributed on Friday, some students said they were "upset" the column was allowed to run, according to articles in both The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Marietta Daily Journal.

    Principal Trudie Donovan reviewed the article before publication and determined it did not violate the student publication policy.

    "I'm standing by my decision," Donovan said. She referred other questions to district representatives.

    Cobb County School District spokesman Doug Goodwin said the usual steps were taken before the article was printed, including the principal's review.

    "Whether the content is popular or not, it's not up to us to decide what runs as long as it's not disruptive," Goodwin, said.

    Goodwin said the district would not consider any changes to its policy in light of the recent article.

    The district policy regarding student publications states that the guidelines for the newspaper are not "intended to allow censoring of any article merely because it is controversial."

    Goodwin said students would have a chance to write a counterpoint article in future issues if they choose to.

    "This was just one student's opinion," he said. "Other students will have plenty of opportunities to write theirs."

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    You have freedom of speech, as do we, and from the details you've posted, it doesn't appear to be inciting anti-homosexual actions. You'd have to read the article and explore the basis of his argument. If it's fanciful then I'm sure it won't be hard to refute. Maybe that's why it's caused such a stink, because it's a good argument.

    It's like stating that Sudanese refugees here in Melbourne are having trouble adjusting to the way things work here and their violent tendencies/culture need urgent attention before we allow more into our country. By saying that, does it make me a racist?

    Open debate on these types of issues needs to conducted without the political correct jumping up and down, trying to label people.

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    First Amendment Rights, I am finally glad to see that the Amendment isn't being used one sided.

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    As much as I dislike the topic of the article, I would allow it to be printed. The first amendment applies to everyone, and the moment that we censor one person...we are contributing to the problem.
    I would wish that the student in question would have done some research first given the opinions for the AMA and APA, but there is nothing stopping the other students from authoring a rebuttal. Thats the beauty of America...we all have opinions and we all have the right to express our own opinions.

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    I see no problem with it at all. Unless of course they refuse to allow a counter opinion and article from others. Nothing wrong with a good debate.
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    I would allow it. I imagine it will eventually turn from a news paper article into a hate thing. The ACLU, NAACP, IRS, ABC, and the DEF, will be called in to support the findings of the GHI so stand by for the lawsuit.
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